Saturday, February 14, 2009

it can not last

when I first heard the term 'barchef' a few years ago in san francisco, I thought it was the stupidest thing ever (sorry camber). I don't really drink cocktails because I think the only reason you have to mix booze with shit would be because the booze suck, like back in the days of moonshine. but I do appreciate it if some care is taken when someone mixes or serves a drink (unlike me). that said, 'bar chef' and $18 cocktails is bullshit, why don't they just point a shot gun to my head and I will hand over my money.

well, someone just open a place right here in toronto called Barchef, and they do serve $18 cocktails (I read about it in the paper, I can never go there, for everyone's sake). that is more expensive than the small charcuterie plate I had a black hoof, and there is just no fucking way that anyone can come up with a cocktail that will be more satisfying or delicious than what I had at the hoof, unless they put illegal stuff in there.

I will give it a year, tops, if it last more than a year, I need to move out of this fucking place, maybe to alaska, I bet people there drink their booze straight.

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