Saturday, February 14, 2009

cheaper is better

a while ago, I wrote about these sausages I bought from the st. Lawrence market on saturday. they were good, but expensive, I ate them a few times, but just really felt they weren't worth the money; and they don't have enough fat, so it often gets too dry. and the sausages were so uniform, not just in size and also in firmness that they had to be machine made, not that there is anything wrong with that.

I have been buying pork from this other dude at the market, he sells whole small pigs pre-ordered, he usually also have miscellaneous pig parts, a shoulder, a loin, some trotters, ears, etc. He also sell goat meat. Anyway, I usually buy a rib chop or two from him when he has them, not only they are great, his prices are more than fair (pretty much chinatown price).

today he got two bins with sausages in them. his labels were a little sexist (gentleman hot and lady mild), but they were clearly hand stuffed and twisted. I bought a couple of hot ones, again, he is really fair, if not cheap. I cooked one tonight and ate it with some caramelized apples and sauteed brussel sprouts (I am not creative). it was simple, but salty, fatty, a little spicy and the price is certainly right, I am very happy with it. I will be buying them every time he makes them. but again, I should be making my own.

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