Wednesday, November 12, 2008

McMahon Hall

the place I live in right now reminds me a lot of the dorm I lived in during my freshman year in college. Both places have pretty good views of a lake, both places are really high up (only on the 8th floor in McMahon, but the building itself is on a pretty steep hill), and a lot of really inconsiderate and immature fucking people live in both buildings.

back then, the building was occupy by 18 and 19 year olds, so it wasn't much of a surprise that the place was a fucking disaster. but this place, people pay decent amount of money either to buy or pay rent to live here, I assume they are responsible adults who got jobs and shit like that. but obvious I am wrong. I am sure there are a lot of nice clean people live in the building, but there are definitely quite a few douche who don't have any respect for other people or shared space and resources.

I feel old

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