Sunday, November 16, 2008

lisa and chuck

Had them over for dinner last night, not for any reason in particular, but sort of celebrating their recent engagement,

thus I wanted to pour sparkling for the first course (curry squash and leeks soup), LCBO has truly horrendous selection of sparkling wine. No grower champagne I saw, no American sparkling of any kind. The champagne they had were all pricey shit from big houses that don't really interest me, especially not at upwards of $100 a bottle. A couple of Australian, one or two procesco and that was it. Then I spotted this ontario rose sparkling from Henry of Pelham that was not too expensive, and it turned out to be quite nice, if fairly straight forward.

we then had a alsatian riesling with roasted monk fish and a super Tuscan with the wild mushroom risotto (great chantrelle, yellow foot and gypsy mushrooms from the saturday market at st lawrance, not fucking cheap though). I thought the meal turned out well, mostly because I didn't get drunk until after the risotto was served.

congratulation once again, chuck and lisa.

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