Thursday, September 04, 2008

tina fey for vp part III

this blog has never really had a focus, it started with trying to make people not drink warm soda, but for the two or three people (that figure has not been confirmed) who actually read it regularly, I basically rant about anything I feel like.

now I am fascinated and mortified by this palin woman. I was traveling when rumors were going around about her infant son, so I didn't get much of the detail until now. But how is it not suspicious while the governor was supposedly pregnant with this baby, her daughter Bristol (who is now pregnant, again) was pull out of school for like 5 months for 'mono'. Plus pictures of the governor during her pregnancy show no sign of a belly. Shit, I am not from alaska, but I know what rotten fish smells like.

I agree that family matter is private and should be kept that way even for public figures, but if the baby was indeed Bristol's and not tina fey's, then it is clear that someone is lying and covering up for somebody. What does that say about this woman, and her values and integrity and all that shit? does it make you feel okay that she will be the commander in chief when the old guy couldn't hold it down no more (well, if he gets elected).

I feel a chill running down my spine.

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