Saturday, June 14, 2008

still no chair, but a new amp

the summer I was accepted into probably the best high school in taiwan (you go to different high schools, if at all, base on a test, not unlike SAT in the states, but more comprehensive in scope), my dad bought me this Kenwood stereo/cd/tape deck combo deal, it wasn't the best system in the world, but it was for me, and it continued to be my most prized possession for a long time. It cross the pacific with me to the northwest, it went with me to college, it still sounded great while I lived in san francisco, but the exterior has shown some wear.

well, it came with me to toronto, but it started acting weird, the equalizer display comes in and out, it the sound would cut off sometimes, my guess it is the power supply going flakey. but you know how these things go, it will cost me more to get it fixed, than to get something different.

instead of getting another complete system, I wanted to start small, so I just bought an integrated amp, I will not be able to listen to tape, but I don't know if I still own any tape to begin with. I can listen to CD through my computer for now, plus mp3s. most importantly, the old speakers still sounded good, I won't have to think about spend money on that for a while.

then perhaps some chairs.

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