Friday, June 27, 2008

Reds vs Jays

I am officially a fan of the interleague play now, anything that gives griffey more at bats (DH, as we are near the end here) AND allowing me to see them is a good thing.

last night, as I settle into my seat in the 4th inning ($10 ticket from some dude on the street, as I was walking home at 8pm, and realizing the reds are in town), it takes me back to the mariner kingdome days: a really bad old indoor ballpark, no real grass (well, if you don't include what people are smoking), less than half full, watching the team (s) that is mediocre at best. At least the people who were there seem to actually care about the game and their team. Just as I was thinking that, a group of 4 grabbed the seats in front of me, and proceed to take approximately 800 pictures of each other in the ballpark, with 4 different cameras passing back and forth; they probably looked at the field for a total of 10 minutes the entire time. they looked like they were enjoying themselves though.

of course griffey went 0 for 4 and the best young pitcher reds have had in years got shelled, I am no reds fan, but I sort of feel bad for them, even the brewers have a decent showing once in a while .....

no one on either team had a slugging percentage higher than .500 as of last night, where are the roids, or good baseball players?

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