Monday, June 02, 2008

I just realized it now wtf he was saying

one of my worries about moving to canada was not about having to learn the game of curling, or adapt a canadian accent, it was how easily (or not) I would be able to find decent, affordable wine. With everything (including wine and beer) retailed and wholesaled only through state run stores, I wasn't sure how readily one can find diverse, interesting, and reasonably priced shit to drink.

A while back, must be six months or more ago, I was in drinking with friends in san francisco, bullshitting with some dude sitting next to us, he was from Australia. at some point the topic turned to wine, as we all know, down under is known for the ripe, fruity shiraz from southern part of the country, some of them I like, a lot of them I don't. this dude was telling me about this peninsula or some shit near melbourne that produce some wonderful pinot. I was thinking, he is either drunk or he really knows his shit, or both.

I kept my eyes open for any fucking pinot from some bullshit peninsula in australia for a while, didn't see any, although I wasn't trying hard. About two weeks ago, I went to a LCBO store that actually had a nice selection of wines, a lot of high end shit that I can not afford. but I saw this bottle of pinot from mornington peninsula, australia, and it was like $20 I think. I was like, I have to try it.

I am drinking it right now, it turned out to be more than decent. for those who are getting use to some of the pinot from california and oregon that is so ripe that it doesn't really taste like pinot no more, you will hate it. but for me, it is drinking nicely, nothing crazy, it probably won't age that well, but it was certainly enjoyable, isn't that what it is all about?

well, drunk australia dude, thanks.

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Pieter said...

I wish I had your sense and knowledge about taste, cooking and wines!

Pieter P.