Friday, April 04, 2008


going away after six and half years is really not easy, especially when you try to say goodbye to people you know and love. Last night, my friend Gianina hosted a party at her apartment for me, with a lot of these people on hand.

When I first moved here, 'my fearless leader' matt was the first person who I got to know, and he became one of my closest friend. I met Gianina shortly after that through matt. Believe me, they have some of the biggest hearts of anyone I know.

the party was simply stupid, we had foie gras, oyster with caviar, really good cheese, tuna, duck burger with home made buns, ....
it was just ridiculous.

I know it has been said too many times, but you really can't appreciate fully what you have until you are about to lose it.

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