Thursday, December 27, 2007

best deals is definitely not at Best Buy

we took a little field trip from work this afternoon to costco as well as a best buy store right across the street. Going to costco in the afternoon is awesome, because you get to eat all the samples as mid day snacks. I tried at least four different kinds of cheeses, some caned soup, microwave chicken wing, smoke salmon, salsa, spinach dip, plus some other shit I can't even remember now.

Duan wanted to go to best buy to checkout this really cheap laptop he wanted to buy for his parents. While we were there, this one customer started asking duan bunch of questions about laptops and computer in general. Of course duan was telling this guy that he is buying too much hardware for what he needs, and he is picking the over priced models, bluh bluh.... The guy even asked duan if he should buy extended warranty, duan was like "you fucking kidding me".... oh man, I was expecting the sales dudes call the security to escort us out of there.

do you know the best part (or buy) of this whole afternoon was? It was the tripe taco from the truck parked just off the parking lot of the Best Buy.

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