Friday, April 27, 2007

double gulp

a few of us here in the lab were debating what is the size of the biggest of big gulp, since none of us have been to a 7-11 in ages. We tried to look it up on line, but couldn't get any definitive answers (more on that later). So we decided that it might be a good 'team building' exercise to go down to our local 7-11 and check it out, maybe even have a big gulp + the hot dog rolling on the machine since like last tuesday.

So it turned out that the biggest big gulp is called a double gulp, and it is a 64oz plastic cup. that is the equivalent of 5 and 1/3 cans of coke, for those of you keeping scores at home. I purchased a double gulp for a whooping $1.59, and filled it up with ice and coke. I felt really ill right about half way through, probably from the combination of too much sugar, and the tamale pie thing rolling on the machine since last tuesday (didn't feel like a hot dog).

I think they should have an age limit on buying a double gulp, like you need to be 18 or older or something like that, and they should also put warning label on those, like they do on packages of cigarettes.


Anonymous said...

HAAHAAH! They need a surgeon general's warning on the double big gulp and any slushee over 20oz!

dxu said...

dude, that 40oz slurpee was more dangerous