Friday, March 30, 2007

what condition my condition is in

since last october, my life have not been very balanced. I have been spending too much time doing stuff, not a whole lot of time just sitting and eat and read. I know it may be a bit ridiculous to be complaining about working too much, when there are people out there can't get jobs, or can't get jobs they want. I like what I do as a post-doc so far, but going full force ahead without some sort of pause and introspection, I will start to lose perspective, and not be able to seek any sort of long term goal.

Of course part of why this is happening is me, but there is external pressure as well. I am not sure how I am getting myself out of this ditch and back on the road again. Drinking, as always, is helping me to deal with it, but it is not the solution, even I know that.

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