Monday, May 08, 2006

13 lb overweight

Arrived in Seattle last Saturday for the annual ISMRM conference. Like last year, the most interesting part of the trip so far has been just trying to catch the flight. Our flight was at 11am, so I said to the columbian on friday night, after a shot of big big tequila, that he should take a taxi to my place around 9am, so we can get to the SFO by 10. Sounds good, he said. I called his phone like 5 times between 9 and 9:15, of course, no one answered. Disaster strike again. Some quick thinking (it doesn't happen very often with me), I called sideshow bob, columbian's roommate. Sideshow bob end up taking us to the airport, we got there around 10:30, made our flight. But this fucker's luggage was 13 lbs over weight, coming in at 63 lbs. my shit was only 22 lbs. I don't know what the fuck he had in there, but I know it cost him 25 bucks. Good times.

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