Friday, January 20, 2006

curly hair

This girl with curly hair has been working in my lab for a while now. She doesn't just have any regular curly hair, she has like these perfect curls that some people would die for. She just pass her Ph.D. qualifying exam yesterday, congratulation to her. She is really smart, I think she will make very good contributions to science.

Right after she passed her test, the Fed-Ex guy came and gave her a package, it turned out to be a care package from her mom. What is interesting though, this care pack did come from her home (in iowa, where hogs roam), it came from some company called It's contains are a lot like some of the other care package I have seen: cookies, candy, assorted nuts, condoms, etc. But the difference is that Mrs curly hair didn't actually packed it, somebody else making minimum wage did. Now, I don't really want to talk shit about someone else's mom, I am not that guy. But if you really actually care enough to send a care package, shouldn't you pack it? I know people are really busy these days, then send money, not junk food. When did sugar become the symbol of care, I am wondering? She should have send whole pork loins or cured pork products, if she really cares about her daughter, in my opinion.

Oh, did I mention that there were warm sodas in this care package? WTF

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