Wednesday, December 28, 2005

the island

Safely got to taipei a couple of days ago. The trip was not as bad as I thought, despite the hangover and what I am about to tell you. I got to SFO about an hour before the flight, thinking that not that many people fly on Dec26. By the time I got there, there were probably 600 people in line. I guess that thinking did not apply for the international flights. There was just no way I could get to the counter before my flight if I stand in the fucking line! When I was about to pull a jackass move and cut the line, I notice there was only like 10 people in the 'no bags' line. Thank goodness that I only carry-on, and I mean real carry on bags, ones that fit the size standard, and ones that are being carried, not dragged around on wheels.

I knew that after a whole week of crazy indulegence (another blog on that latter, if anyone cares), I was going to be punished somehow. I don't know if I fucked up or yahoo travel fucked up, I had thought that I booked an isle seat, but no. I was right in the fucking middle, with two people on either side of me. I am not a big dude, but I have long legs, it was pretty fucking uncomfortable. I couldn't really sleep, I didn't want to drink too much, because I don't want to bother two people sleeping to get to the toilet. It was really not cool, at least there were no crying baby on this flight.

Nagoya airport was beautiful, withe the typical modern design you see in the newer or remodeled airport, what makes it stand out was the view. The structure is raised higher than usual, so you are not seeing the idling airplane outside, but just the runway, and the ocean beyond. The picture I took with my phone is pretty bad, but you get the point. Really not a bad place for a two hour layover at all. I ate a bowl of noodles, walked around the duty free shop, had some soda (ice cold!), then just sat around and wait, checking out the yound japanese women working at the gate. Now, in the last two years, I have been in and thourgh japan a couple times, I noticed something really strange. In japan, no woman over thirty works in the service industry. No matter it is at the coffee shop, noodle place, duty free, or the girls at the gate. In this particular case, the gate #16 was operated by four fairly attractive young ladies, one of the really petite girl was so cute, I thought I was looking at a page out of some japanese comic book. Where do japanese women go after they get older? Do they get promoted to some desk job, no one can see? Do they all get married and stay home? Or do they all get send to the "island" (it was one of the inflight movie, just awful, with only one bright spot, she is got some hot fucking lips). This stupid question and the jetleg is going to keep me up at night the next couple of days. I know, I am weired.

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