Thursday, August 18, 2005

it is god damn cold up in this bitch!

I know people who live in northern california really can't complain about the weather. The winter is really mild, it rains a little, but it is nothing compare to the northwest. The summer is really quite mild too, not nearly as hot as so-cal. But here is the bay area, there is lots of different micro-climate, and in the beautiful city of san francisco where I live, that means the fog. I am not really bitching, but when rest of the country is bathing in glory sunshine, out in their back yard cooking some sort of dead animal over fire, I am here freezing my ass off. Okay, maybe it is not freezing, but it is like 50 degree every morning when I walk out of my door. You might get like total of 2 minute of sun at around 2:30, if you have been a really good kid. Then it is fog all over again, blowing wind, really low and gray sky, and fucking cold.

Although I have been living here for like four years now, I struggle to face this every summer. I think it will be nice, I hope it will be nice, and of course, it is fucking nasty. August is probably the worst. And this summer, I got a cold. It has been about 10 days now, and I still feel like shit. I am really sick of this crap. The only consolation I have is seeing all the stupid tourist coming to the city for vacation thinking it will be warm since it is in california, only to find out that this is the coldest place in the country right now. Anyone you see here wearing a cheaply made, bright yellow fleece jacket with a big SF logo has to be from out of town.

I need a vacation to some place warm, alaska sounds good. Maybe Canada. Or even Wisconsin. Anyone of those places seems lovely right now. I don't really want anything fancy, I don't need a beach or cocktails with stupid umbrellas. I just need a bit of sun, lots of sleep, lots of sitting on my ass doing nothing, and fried chicken. Is that too much to ask for? Appearantly it is, in san francisco, in the middle of august.

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