Friday, August 12, 2005

Don't stand too close to me right now III

Last nigh, went to oakland, because Kevin got a shit load of samples from sales reps trying to get his account at B. There were like 15 pound of skirt steak, maybe 10 pounds of flank steak, 15 pound of chuck, and like three whole chicken. All these shit were like organic and hormone free and stuff. We tested the flank steak, put together a plate that is going to be on the menu as a special today. We drank a bottle of spanish rose while cooking and had a bottle of the currant vintage of andrew murry syrah, I enjoyed both of them. It was a pretty good meal, we probably ate like two pounds of beef each, at least.

So after all that beef last night, I went with a few people from work today to this mexican place in the mission for lunch today. I don't eat a lot of mexican food, and going to mission for mexican food is like going to chinatown for chinese food. If you don't know the place, you are probably going to end up getting just bullshit that caters to white people. Fortunately Joe knows the place to go, again, I don't know that much about mexican food, but I probably had the best taco I ever had, with a big thing of watermelon juice. It was awesome.

Since we were already in the mission, and popeye is only a few blocks away, and it being friday and all. So I had to get a couple piece of fried chicken on the way back.

now it is time for a nap, and please, if you know any better, don't stand too close to me right now.

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