Tuesday, May 17, 2005

the most comfortable toe ring in the world!!!

Maybe I had a little different expectation, but doesn't matter how you look at it, keywest is a fucking dump. Oh sure, it has the southern most point on the contiental usa, hamingway's six toe cats, and it is only 90 miles from castro and his cigars. In reality, it is just another tourist trap, with elvis impersonator, ripley's believe it or not, and bullshit shops selling the most useless crap in the world, including the most comfortable toe ring in the world. The drive down is nice, if there is not too much traffic. And I suppose if you rent a boat and cruise around the water down there it would be kinda cool. But overall, keywest is just another tourist trap for all the stupid american and european who like to make fun of the stupid american. One of the things I over heard time after time during my short visit (thank god) to keywest was: "I will never come back here ever again", what an understatement.

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