Friday, September 12, 2014

new street cars suck balls

A lot of people in Toronto are excited about the new street cars now running on Spadina.  The reason behind that excitement is likely because there has been nothing else positive going on with TTC for a long time.  But this is a sentiment that I do not share with my fellow street car riders.

The new street car has more cars, but does not feel at all more spacious.  The aisles between the seats are very narrow.  If someone is standing in the aisle when the train is packed, it will be very difficult for another person to pass. You will need a proof of payment to ride it, if you don't have a metro pass or a transfer already, you will need to deal with these machines onboard (the driver no longer interact with the rider in any way).  These fucking things are unintuitive and very slow. There is going to be clusterfuck around that machine constantly.

And if you just got off the subway at Spadina station and would like to get on the street car, you will struggle to find a place to get a transfer/proof of payment.  I asked one of those TTC guys always standing around the 510 street car platform inside Spadina station getting paid doing nothing: 'so it is not good if I get on the street car without a proof of payment, right'?  The dude nodded.  'Then where do I get a transfer'?  The guy starts to look around, start to point .... yet there is no transfer machine anywhere.  Yes, this guy was wearing TTC uniform.  Fantastic.

Clearly no one from TTC that implemented this new system has ever ride the street car.  The clusterfuck on Spadina continues even with the street cars now running.

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