Wednesday, May 01, 2013

not the worst ....

Food options at most airports in north America are pretty dismal.  They are typically dominated by fastfood and other 'casual dinning' chains.  Not only we already know there are no good food to be found in these places, prices are almost always quite a bit higher than they would be at non-airport locations.  The better options seems to be the popular local restaurants that have outlets at the terminals.  One of those places in the O'Hare airport that I pass through at least a couple of times a year is the Billy Goat.

steak and eggs at Billy Goat O'Hare

It serves basically diner food, burgers, sandwiches and eggs.  While the prices are still higher than what they charge in town, you can get a plate of eggs, hash, toast, and some sort of dead animal flesh for less than ten bucks.  This is not good food either, but not the worst, especially when you are stuck there for a 2.5 hour layover.  

(probably the best food at O'Hare though is the more recent addition, Torta Frontera, of the famed Chicago chef Rick Bayless.  Really fresh, well prepared food at seemly reasonable prices.)   

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