Sunday, January 13, 2013

mixed boil

I have probably blogged about this before, I am a fan of David Tanis, not because he was a long time chef of Chez Panisse, but for his contributions to food magazines, NY Times, as well as his cookbooks.  His recipes make a lot of sense in ways that they are more like methods, very easy for readers follow and adapt.  But most importantly, they often produce unfussy and awesome meals.

This boiled tongue and brisket one is from his more recent cookbook - heart of the artichoke.  It is hard to imagine that just simmer a chunk of cow in water would be delicious, but no doubt it was.  The end product you got is good not only to be eaten as described (with the broth and boiled potato, and a sauce of some kind), but must be great in all sorts of dishes that call for beef.

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