Wednesday, January 02, 2013

happy new year (where the fuck did 2012 go?)

2012 was a bit of a mystery to me at this point, I really don't think I accomplished or learned anything worth mentioning, pretty fucking sad.

One thing I did do was that I drank a lot.  While I sampled quite a bit of local beers, I don't drink much local wine at all.  Drinking local make sense if there are tangible incentives for doing so.  But unfortunately the situation here is somewhat like California, you can very often find wines from the old continent that are just as good or better at lower prices.  But one Ontario wine I have consistently enjoyed the past few years is the sparkling wine from Henry of Pelham.  While it may not stand up to a really good champagne (always expensive), it is one of the only local wines that cost significantly less than their old world counter part (yes, I am cheap).

Drinking local this new years eve

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