Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Another nice wine from Lebanon

You don't hear people say nice things about middle east very much lately, but here is one.  Last week at one of the downtown LCBO store, I saw what I am assuming is the current vintage (2009) of Le Preiure from Kasra back on the shelf.  As I was going to grab a couple I saw another slightly older vintage from Lebanon that I hadn't seen before.

Similar to the Kasar wine, this is a well rounded blend of Rhone varietals with smooth and perhaps softer texture (might be because of a bit of age).  While lighter than a lot of Rhone wines or Rhone varietal wines from else where, it is got enough juicy and spicy goodness that it was nice on its own, and also would be very good with lighter meat dishes.  I might have to go back and grab a couple more before they disappear.  

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