Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy birthday, Julia Child

I am not getting into the ways Julia Child has influenced (or not) how we eat in the USA, there are books and essays on that topic.  All I know is, for years, one of my favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings was watching reruns of the PBS program with her and Jacque Pepin.  These were not only entertaining and educational, but what comes through the casual banter between the two was this conviction that eating food carefully and thoughtfully prepared is a way of life, no matter how simple or complicated the dishes are, or how rarefied or humble the ingredient might be.  Although she had an extraordinary life and career, unlike many personalities in the cooking and restaurant (and on TV) business today, she never appeared elitest or judgmental.  Opinionated yes, but she did not talk down at us mere mortals, she talked to us like neighbors.
sauteed chicken supreme with braised savoy cabbage and lardons 
Trying to honor her 100th birthday, I am cooking and eating French tonight.  Although there are lots of dishes that may be more representative of French cooking, I think a supreme of chicken sauteed in butter, followed by a simple green salad, all wash down with a straight forward Medoc fit the bill pretty well.

Thank you Julia Child.  

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