Sunday, January 22, 2012

modernist or troll

I will not buy the Modernist Cuisine for a couple of reasons. One it cost like $500, the other is that the dude behind this collection is a well know patent troll, I just can't support that.

But the Times just posted a few videos of one of its columnist and the troll demonstrating some techniques / dishes from the books. One of them is cooking a rib steak. It involves freezing it for an hour, searing it (or torching it) on just one side, then cook it in a very low oven for like ~1 hour until it reaches the desired doneness.

Since I wanted to drink this bottle of Bordeaux (La Garde, 2007, bin end sale at LCBO online) this weekend, so I thought why not giving this steak technique a try. The result was quite good but nothing revelatory. I do believe it would give consistent results and I would use this more often if I have the time and plan ahead. It worked out in this case because the wine needed a lot of time in the glass to show up.....

pretty nice piece of meat

in the freezer it goes

from the freezer straight to the pan

180 degree F for ~ 1 hr

time to eat

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