Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad shop

Sometimes I wonder, should I believe a glowing review from the Times food critic, or dozens of regular folks on various online forum expressing displeasure? Had dinner at this place called Kin Shop in NY a couple of days ago. In this case, the mass won. Wow this place sucked. Supposedly serving some sort of Thai inspired cuisine, it seemed more like a cross of hipster diner food and takeout Thai food: lots of fat, oil but not much flavor or excitement. The only person at the entire place that seemed competent and focused on the job at hand was the dishwasher (I sat at the kitchen counter, I saw quite a bit, I also left smelling like grease).

If you are not a food critic, on TV or don't already know the chef somehow, you will be ignored for long stretches of time. At a restaurant where the chef has a Blackberry (not fruit) in his hand constantly while working the pass, you know you are in trouble.

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