Friday, July 29, 2011


After a great late night meal at the Breslin last summer during a short trip to NY, I was really looking forward to eating at the John Dory oyster bar that was opened by the same folks in a spot just around the block.

So during the trip to NY earlier this month, we went to John Dory on the first night we were there, after a couple of beers and the lamb ribs at DBDG kitchen and bar. The counter seating along the window was really not comfortable at all for eating, but it is okay, it is supposed to be a bar, and who cares if the food is amazing.

It wasn't, not by a long stretch. The crudo (fluke I think) was room temp for some reason and the dish was very muted other than salt. Roasted peanuts with garlic was way way too salty. Morel and escargot on toast tasted only of cream and salt, none of the earthy mushroom or snail at all (there were there physically, not culinarilly). Squid stuffed with chorizo and paella like rice was nice, but the smoked tomato under them just take over your taste bud again with salt once you got any of it on the squid. I like salt, but not like this.

The service was horrendous, we were served three dishes and no one gave us napkins or silverware and no one noticed, not the food runner or our server. (Fortunately we were sitting near a POS terminal, so I was able to grab someone's attention) wine ordered was not delivered until we were pretty much done with the food (done, not in a good way).

The whole experience was almost the complete opposite from what we got at the Breslin less than one year ago. Best part about the place was the globe aquarium above the bar. Now I kind of understand why the original John Dory did not last long. Although this new incarnation might just stick around for a while because of its casual vibe, location and April Bloomfield's now pretty good rep., but not for where it really counts for me.

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