Saturday, July 17, 2010

no need to lie

people lie their asses off when it comes to other people's young ones, even if the baby or the kids are the ugliest and the most annoying little monsters in the world, most are still compelled to say something nice about them.

I took a very short trip to the northwest to see some friends, hung out with the expanding holdridge family for a day and half. Last time I was there, Hudson wasn't even walking yet. Not only he is walking, talking and all that, the kid is fucking bilingual at 2 years and 9 months old. I don't think I know shit when I was 3. There is certainly no need to lie when I say both these kids are super adorable (Callie is 3 months old). The tough part about the visit was that I can't swear in front of the kids, damn that was fucking hard.

I also enjoyed my visit with the Schulze family, big contrast there, both Emily and William are in college. Everybody is having a great summer. The strange thing about visiting old friends, why does it always seem like I am the only one who hasn't really grown up yet?

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