Saturday, May 01, 2010

how about a cocktail

when I was little, I use to go to the market with my grandmother on the weekends sometimes. It is usually early in the morning, not the time I want to get out of bed, but she would buy me rice noodle soup for breakfast, and fresh squeezed sugarcane juice.

They had these contraptions that have two large wheels very close together, then peeled sugarcane were fed through, and the juice collected. Anyone who thinks what you get is just sugar water needs to try it.

My grandma would not think this is a good idea, but, now, add some rum to fresh squeezed sugarcane juice, a squeeze of lime, a few ice cubes ........ that is a fucking killer summer cocktail.

I used canned sugarcane juice here, it is good, but it is not what it can be without the fresh juice.

(given rum is made from sugarcane, it is kind of like adding foie gras on top of duck breast? or bone marrow on a steak? in any case, redundancy is not a bad thing sometimes).

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