Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Black Hoof - revisited

we went to black hoof this past sunday, I usually would not go out to dinner on valentine's day under just about any circumstance. But this being the hoof, I suspect there would be no stupid valentine's day gambit to gouge dinners and raw horse or grilled beef heart are not exactly what most people looking for when they go out on a date, so this might be just as good a night as any to eat there.

and without waiting, we had seats at the bar right away, shared a small charcuterie platter, followed by the beef heart (very thin taro frites) a warm octopus salad, and finished with foie gras. once again, everything tasted of intense, balanced flavor and cooked as they should. The beef heart was all about the texture for me, I can't stop eating it. the olive puree and a pretty heavy hand on the olive oil and seasoning for the octopus would overwhelm most dishes, but it worked in this case (I liked the celery in it). Foie came with a pretty typical fruity-savory sauce, the marscapone cream and crumble was a nice touch, but I really mostly just tasted the goose fat, which was really the point anyway.

Drank a bottle of decent canadian pinot, much better service at the bar then what we received at the table last time (she chilled the wine down a bit to cellar temp for us, very thoughtful), although I hoped they had changed our flatware before the foie, but I could have said something.

looking at the much expanded wine list and the work that have been done to the place (a real kitchen hood!), not to mentioned the expansion across the street at the old dike bar, I think these guys are doing really well and I am happy for them on their early success, because they are really putting some good shit on the plate at an approachable price point.

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