Sunday, December 06, 2009

what is for dinner - belly

pork belly and bacon have become a culinary fad in the past few years, I am not sure how it happened, but it sort of make sense, it is cheap and when done well, the flavorful fat - crispy/tender meat would please any carnivore. But what really elevated pork belly and bacon beyond the ethnic cookery / breakfast table territory into the main stream middle upper class dinning scene is the creativity of many cooks have applied to this humble piece of meat.

but there lies the fucking problem, nowadays, hacks who have no idea how to cook anything properly are putting pork belly on menus. the results are often disappointing to say the least. But it may be a relief that now it will fade away back to where it was, for people who really now how to cook them and who really enjoy them.

I have to add, the sous vide pork belly I ate at the late scott howard (the restaurant, not the chef) in SF was possibly the best bite of porcine containing food I have had so far. So, fuck the trend, keep eating pork belly!

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