Saturday, November 21, 2009

you pay for what you get

joseph lieberman is really pissing me off. He is opposed to the public option, citing that it will increase our national debt. Well, we have been spending beyond our means for a long time, as a country as well as individually. And what we got to show for all that, two wars and unemployment.

that is beside the point. but if you follow lieberman's logic, taking care of the needy cost money, so we should not do it?! Our citizens need basic protection, that is why we have military, police force etc, to me, providing for the sick and needy is just as important.

American citizens need to realize that things don't come for free (!). We all want good schools, good roads, clean water, security, bluh bluh, but we all have to pay for all that shit. The amount of tax we pay is really low compare to most developed countries, it is time to fucking wake up and deal with the situation, not continue to live in the dilusional world like joe lieberman.

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