Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have not been to any of the momofuku restaurants, but like anyone else who has the slightest interest in food, I have read about David Chang, and other folks running this small and growing empire. What I like most about the things I have read is the way he talks, he pulls no punches, and he swears a lot. Thus I thought his book might be an interesting read, plus recipes, and those if anything like his restaurants' reputation, will likely be good, honest and straight forward.

And the book really didn't disappoint, the stories were funny at times, but I really admire the seriousness he takes in everything he does (not that other chefs are not serious about their food, but that doesn't always come through in a book as it does here), and the balls he has. I also liked the food described here, but I almost would trade some of the recipes for more stories along the way. As is, it does allow the readers a glimpse of the fine dinning scene in new york in the recent years from the back of the house point of view.

One more thing that sets this book apart for me from so many others is that he pays so much homage to the people he worked for or work with that the book is more than just about him. The high level of humility that comes from this driven, successful chef and restauranteur is quite refreshing.

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