Thursday, August 13, 2009

what are we afraid of?

I really don't see why some folks are screaming against healthcare reform, giving uninsured people healthcare sounds like a good idea to me.

they say that the big government can't do it as well, the bureaucracy will actually drive up cost and drive private insurer out of business etc. For instance, some cite DMV as an example that the public option will for sure suck. But is DMV really that bad? Sure the lines are long, some dudes are rude, but they get it done, don't they? And DMV sure doesn't gauge you. A counter example is the postal service (as obama mentioned at the townhall meeting), not only it is pretty good (how often do you really lose something in the mail?) and relatively reasonable, its existence hasn't stopped company like UPS and Fedex from making a profit, and in fact thriving.

And how about national defense, the government bureaucracy takes care of that, and aren't we proud of our military and how they defend our rights, freedom? As far as I can tell, they have not fuck it up that bad on that front. Sure it cost a lot of money, but I don't see folks bitching about their tax money going to the troops. Is taking care of sick people less important than national security? I would argue that it IS national security. And can you imagine pentagon run by for profit private corporations?

we all know the facts, americans spend more money on healthcare than anyone else, but we don't live as long, and a shit load of people are simply denied care all the time. something needs to be done, and while the opponent of the reform have been yelling, calling names and making up dooms day scenarios, why haven't they proposed any sort of alternative?

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