Thursday, February 05, 2009

staying in canada, for now

chuck drove me down the niagara falls yesterday so I can get a new work permit at the border. without telling you the stupid details (trust me, you don't care enough to know), this whole thing has been a fucking major pain in the ass.

we did catch a glimpse of the fall, while the water seem to be flowing, part of it also looked to be frozen, it didn't help that it was -20 celsius.

I didn't have my original diploma (nothing on the fucking website indicated I needed the original), but the lady was really chill and understanding. but as in any other immigration in any other country, they had to have a different person telling you where to park, a different person telling you where to sit, a different person looking at your paper, and a different person taking your money. I guess fewer mistakes might be made that way, but this is also not a fucking Ford plant.

I am glad it is out of the way, for another year at least.

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