Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the hoof II (I don't know shit, really)

this really nice woman, jen, I think is a partner at the black hoof, the place I rant about last week, somehow read my post about my meal there. I think maybe because I commented on grant van gameran's blog ( He is the dude who made the delicious food I ate there.

two things happened here that really surprised me. One, I can't believe anyone read the bullshit I post. Two, she seem so nice (see her comment on that post) and sincere that I actually feel bad. I don't think I was wrong about what I said, but I was definitely unnecessarily harsh. and if anyone cares, she (the server) did appeared to be trying a little.

the real moral of the story is, I really don't know shit about shit, so people should stop reading my blog for anything other than laughing at the stupid and useless crap I come up with.

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