Thursday, January 08, 2009


so if someone robs a few liquor stores with a gun, but didn't hurt anyone, and then get caught. this person is probably going away for quite a while.

but if someone cheat some nice people out of their life savings, he might not be going away for that long (probably in a nicer dig than the robber), yet the damages he caused may be far greater than the dumbass robbing the stores.

it doesn't make sense,

what also doesn't make sense is that all these investment bankers and lenders made billions of profit when the going was good, they took their money, buying vacation homes, sports cars, drank vintage Bordeaux, had a grand old time, while regular people made the same little bit of money, lived in the same shit hole, drove the same beater and drank coors light. Now the going is not so good anymore, the schmuck with dirt under his nails is bailing out the guys in $3000 suits!?

I am not a jew but that doesn't seem very kosher to me.

(disclaimer, I am definitely not saying you should start robing liquor stores or try to get a job as an investment banker, those things are for douchebags)

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