Sunday, November 23, 2008

didn't fuck this up

I don't usually cook whole birds, other than the game hen I made a few weeks ago and quails I actually like to eat often. but at the st. Lawrence market on saturday, there is this dude selling organic chickens from his farm (turkeys too). when I walk by his stand every weekend, it reminds me of the excellent roasted chicken meal I had at the tropps' right before I moved to toronto. I have been wanting to get one and roast it, but cooking a whole bird for one person is just not as fun.

but yesterday I decided to give it a go, I bought the smallest one he got, about a 3 and 1/2 pound bird. they are not cheap, about 60% more than a china town bird, and they don't come with the head or the feet, but they do look more plump and healthier. following jim's protocol (I had a brief conversation with him before I did it), I have to say, it came out as well as one can expect. The skin can be a little more crisp, but dude, did it taste good. The whole thing was juicy, nice full chicken flavor. the quick sauce I made from the pan juices was pretty unnecessary. I inhale half of it in like 15 minutes. I think I pass out while reading probably an hour after that.

i don't think it can be said enough about how much pleasure can be derive from things that are extremely simple, if you are open to it.

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