Friday, November 21, 2008

25 billion for what?

listen to some of the clips of the hearing happening on capital hill in which the CEO of the auto makers trying to beg for cash in a surprisingly defiant tone, like we owe those guys for fucking up their company. I have all the sympathy for the workers, after all, we all need jobs to feed our families. But how was this the right way to beg for money? it is like they have all taken lessons from the homeless people in san francisco.

I don't know the details of the american history, but hear me out. before the construction of the great interstate highways, the railroad companies were like the car makers today, Big, powerful, profitable and employed tons of people. But over time, with the cheap gas, the romance of the open road, and actually good cars being made for their time, the car makers became the railroad companies. I am not sure if the CEOs of the railroad company went to congress to beg for cash, but big rail company went away eventually. A portions of the goods are still transport across the land on rail and we still got amtrak and regional commuter trains and they were all probably subsidized by the federal or local government. But the big railroad giants were no more. The car companies didn't or refuse to evolve with the time, and it pass them by, now tons of people have to suffer for the mistake of the few who were supposed to know what the fuck they were doing.

I am to dumb to offer you a solution, I am just saying we have seen this before, and I believe we will come out okay. We may not be able to enjoy the things we once did as god given rights, but we will survive.

shit, this sort of talk is way to heavy for this blog, I need to get out more, but it is freezing outside.

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