Thursday, July 31, 2008

lets see you play center field, jackass

my favorite baseball player, who I have been watching since I moved to washington state in 1994, Ken Griffey junior, got traded to the white sox from the reds today.

he is 38, been hurt a lot in the last few years, his career is winding down for sure, but from what I have seen this year, playing the right field for the reds, he has been doing okay, not an elite player, but still better than tons of outfielder in MLB.

I made the mistake of reading what some sports journalist said about the trade, man, they are just beating up on him, about how he can't move anymore, his bat is slow, how he will get hurt again if they put him in center field, bluh bluh bluh,

does anyone remember that he is the best player from the 90's that has not been linked to steroid, and the key is, he can still play, playing better than a lot of other major league players; shit load of players are washed up at younger age without accomplishing anything, they don't get beat up like this; lets see these fuckers so call sports writers go catch some fly balls in the center field, try to hit one fucking homerun, not to mention 608 of them.

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