Saturday, April 26, 2008

St. Lawrence market

I went to checkout the St. Lawrence market in downtown toronto this morning. This place is not unlike the pike place market in seattle. it is in an old ass building, has shit load of history, and it is got permanent stalls that sell produce, meats, seafood, cheese, plus tons of crafts shit that no one really ever need. On saturday though, it opens another small building across the street, where farmers set up stands to sell whatever they got.

the place has great stuff, but like pike place, ferry building plaza in san francisco and other markets like that in big cities, prices are really high. Family on average income can't possible afford to shop there for all their dietary needs. It was a serious yuppies magnet. I didn't buy any meat or seafood and I was down probably 60 bucks by the time I walk out of there. An organic chicken was around $25, I saw some nice pate of foie gras, but was afraid to ask how much it was.

however, freshly made pasta with some spring vegetable (fava, broad beans) and panchetta made a really nice lunch. I also got some fantastic whole grain mustard ... wait, what else did I get? where the fuck did all my money go.

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