Saturday, April 19, 2008

can't be said enough - why fuck with the chinese?

well, my entries are not going to be chronological for a while, but my life has been a little bit up side down, so I think you will understand.

You all have heard about protests related to the beijing game, organized by different interest group. I understand that since the spot light is on china, it is a good time to put pressure on that government to make some changes. But from my experience at this particular gathering that I went to with duan (the torch passing san francisco, three days before I left town), it is not clear to me that people understand what they are standing up for. All these protester (non-chinese), their views are shaped by western media, do they really understand what needed to be done vs what is non-issue? All of us chinese people present at the event were not there to support the communist (and come on, they are definitely no fucking communist), we were there because we are proud of being chinese, we are proud of the fact that our country came from the ruin it was 50 years ago and now is hosting the biggest civilian event of the world.

I am sure most americans are proud of being american, proud of being part of a country that was funded on great moral and principle. But how many americans are proud of the events that has taken place in america as well as around the globe caused by american policies and actions? Chinese people understand the inadequacy of their government, progress will take time, external pressure can be both positive and negative, and I am afraid the anti-china based protest in the name of tibet or related to the olympics are not doing any good.

my friend duan wrote a piece in the school news paper that really reflect the sentiment of most chinese people in china and around the globe ( I don't have duan's intellect or patience, all I can say is, through history, many countries or empires have tried to fuck with the chinese, nothing good ever happens.

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