Monday, February 26, 2007

not your typical monday morning

Most of the residents in my building got waken up this morning a little bit early (~5:30). Not sure what caused it, but the unit below the one across the hallway from mine had a fire. I woke up to screaming people, broken window ..... I managed to put on a coat and shoes before bolting for the door. The elderly lady whose home the fire originated is in the hospital, we all hope she is okay. #38 (the one across from me) is not habitable right now, most of her shit were trashed as well. #48 has a large hole in the ceiling, created by the fire fighting dudes to vent the smoke during the fire. The common area of the building look like a war zone, the whole building smell like, well, it smell like it was on fire for a bit.

my unit is largely intact, everyone at work said I smelled like I have been camping and had not showered. I hope they restore the power by the time I get home. I think all of us who call this old building on Powell home feel a little tired right now, but very very lucky indeed.

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