Friday, November 03, 2006

I think these people can afford shoes

one thing I will never understand about some people in california is that they don't wear fucking shoes. it could be like 40 degrees outside or it could be raining, and you see these people walking around in fucking sandals. although we are close to the ocean, but downtown san francisco or the ucsf campus, is not the fucking beach. I know some of these fucks, and I know they can afford shoes, and they in fact own shoes. I know not wearing shoes could possibly be more comfortable, but if you have cotton socks, and decent shoes, it is just as comfortable with shoes. some people have okay toes, but some of these people who don't ever wear shoes have fucked up, ugly and dirty fucking feet, I really don't want to see that. god damn it, we are always talking about how we are a modern and civilized society, put some fucking shoes on.

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