Monday, July 03, 2006

I am a little dizzy!

Couple of good friends were in town for the weekend from seattle. We ate dinner last night at this place called Michael Mina. The place is really expensive but food was really quite good. Three course dinner was like $88 a person. I had butter poached lobster ($8 supplement) and idaho raised kobe style beef roast ($20 supplement) and the cheese plate. We also drank some really great wine, the 1997 Calera jensen vineyard ($166) was not as good as the 1996 I drank a couple months ago in seattle, but was still really enjoyable. We also had a bottle of 1982 Ch?teau Beychevelle ($495 !!!!!! it was one of the cheapest vintage bordeaux on the list), which was in my opinion, not ready to drink yet. This meal could be like one of those fucking master card commercial, you go $88 for three course x 7, like $200 for all the addition food supplement, $800 for wine and cocktails, $36 for just the bottle water, and $360 for service, but a great meal with good friends, price less.

After the really fucking expensive beef (which is to me, the only thing worthy coming out of idaho right now), I got up to take a leak. But after eating and tasting all the food and wine we just had, I really felt disoriented, I don't really know what I was suppose to feel, it is like I am on some kind of drugs, but I have not done any drugs (at least to my knowledge). I was walking like a zombi. After the cheese plate and a glass of 94 d'Yquem, I wanted a wheel chair and someone to wheel me home (only two blocks away). Not that I was really that full, but just felt really helpless, and that is before I saw the check.

Thanks to andy, who bought me the dinner for my recent graduation, I will actually be able to pay rent this month.

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