Thursday, June 01, 2006

just shut the fuck up

really tired, it is like 1:30 in the morning, just got home from a two day trip to waukesha, wisconsin, where the GE healthcare is. Here are some of the highlights:

- Okay, I hope this is the last time I bitch about people's carryon bags. Most of these fucking plastic things with wheels are just too big. Plus a lot of these fucks not only have one of those fucking happy horse shit on wheels, they usually have another bag, the so call personal item; and it is suppose to be small things like a purse, a brief case, or a laptop, something that can fit under the seat in front of them. Well, a lot of these selfish pricks have personal items as big as my carryon. So the flight to chicago was delayed for at least 25 minutes because people trying to fit all their crap in the over head bin. I will said this one more time: if you can't carry your shit, or if it doesn't fit, check it, motherfuckers.

- waukesha, it is waukesha, and it is GE, enough said.

- flight was delayed for 45 minutes coming out of chicago. While I was trying to keep my self entertained watching all the people, I saw this overweight, middle age white dude reading a magazine called: 'Sprint cars & Midgets". I am not making this up. I was disappointed that there was no midgets on the cover, just a dune buggy kind of thing driving on dirt road.

- changed my seat from a window seat to an aisle seat so it would be easier to get in and out in case I needed to take a leak (five hour flight). It turned out that I didn't need to take a leak, and the seat change was very bad idea. I sat next to a wanna be hipster couple, who were some of the most annoying people I have met in a while. The dude talked the whole time, about random and useless and nonsense bullshit. They must have use that orange button over your head to call the flight attendant at least five times, to get more ice in their cocktail, to get some water, to get snacks or some shit like that. They woke me up three times from my sleep to get out of their seat, once to get more cocktail and to go pee, once just to go pee, and one more time because the dumbass bitch spilled a whole cocktail in her lap and on her seat. Other than the very tired chinaman, I guess it was good time all around. One thing missing was screaming babies.

- took the samTrans bus home instead of BART, because by the time the flight got there, there was no BART. It took longer than BART, but it was not that bad, and it was quiet

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