Saturday, May 13, 2006

good eating

A lot of fucking foodies put shit on their blog about restaurant that they go to and their opinion about it. I don't see myself as a foodie but I love to eat and drink. I don't know if you care to hear what I have to say about some of the places I went to this week while in seattle, but I am going to do it anyway. I said this before, I don't give a fuck what you think.

Palace kitchen is just like what I remembered, solid meal, solid service. Monsoon was good, but nothing special, the best thing was the duck egg noodle. Had lunch at the Rover on friday, other than the creaky floor and the fact that it set me back $250 for lunch for two, it was awesome. Forgot to eat lunch at Matt's in the market (too hung-over), but I am sure it is still great. Shultzy's is as good as ever, especially now that skinny chinese guy with attitude don't work there anymore.

Just read this hilarious article in the Stranger. She cooked two complete meals following recipes from two seattle local food celebrities' cookbook, and compared them ( It was really funny, she uses phrases like "motherfucking chili paste". I think I have a crush on this girl. She is probably 250 lbs and a dike, I don't care.


pofu said...

just wanted to add that I did have lunch at matt's in the market the day I left. It is still I think the best place to have lunch if you are in downtown seattle, hands down.

Anonymous said...

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