Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let me just close my eyes for a second.......

Every year around this time, our program invite a group of perspective students to visit. They tour the campus, talk to the faculty, and the current students. The admission to this program has become increasingly competitive in the last few years, I really think if I apply right now, I would not be getting into the program. Actually, I am really not sure how the fuck I got in here back then. Anyway, at the end of their visit to UCSF campus, the program take them out to dinner with faculty and some current students. It is a good chance for them to find out more about the school and the city in a less boring setting. We usually drink shit load of wine and beer, since the program is paying for it, good times all around.

Some how some jackass who is currently a student here, was under the impression that I know something about working as a bartender. So when a girl that is visiting asked about maybe bar-tending outside of school, this jackass told her she should talk to me. Honestly, other than the fact that warm soda sucks ass, I don't know anything about anything. Obviously I was not very helpful for her.

I don't know where she had bar-tended before or what kind of place she works at now. I don't think any place around here would allow their bartender to pass out before the party is over. But hey, what the fuck do I know.

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Mr. Qb3 said...

she probably just had a warm soda