Friday, August 05, 2005

Don't bring me anything!!!

My parents are in town for a couple of days. For like the last 10 years, I only see them about once or twice a year, with them living in Taiwan most of the time and all. So it is always nice to see them. In the last couple of years, I have noticed a couple of things about them. The obvious one is that they are getting old, gray hair (mom), thinning hair (dad), and all the complains about how they can't walk the hills of san francisco. The other thing I have notice is that they don't listen. I am not sure if they ever listened to what I have to say, but lately, it is just getting ridiculous.

Right before they came, they phoned me and asked me what I want. I emhatically said: "Don't bring me anything!!! Not a god damn thing" !!! And yet, yesterday, when I saw them, they had like five of six bags between them, and half of the shit is for me, all kinds of radom shit too, like couple pounds of dry murshrooms (I still have a shit load from last time), tea (same), roasted peanuts ("they sell peanuts here, mom"!), the list just goes on and on.

Of course you can't blame them, they care about me a lot, and they still think they know what is good for me like when I was 8. But it is interesting how they always said that I never listened to them when I was growing up, and now it is like a revenge, they will never listen to me now they are getting old. The table is turned, I drove them nuts as a kid, now they are going to drive crazy as senior citizens.

it sure is good to see them though.

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