Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Is it true that asian people can sleep anywhere, anytime? I don't know the answer to that. But when I was growing up in taipei, I was taking public transportation to school everyday from 5th grad until I was like 17. And everybody who manage to get a seat was sleeping, even some of the folks who don't have seat were sleeping. Last year I was in japan for about like 10 days, on the subway everywhere I went, business man are sleeping, house wives with little kids are sleeping, teenagers in school uniform are sleeping. it makes feel right at home, well, sort of.

I think people don't sleep enough in general. And taking public transportation is a great way to get a few more minutes of shut eyes. Americans drive everywhere, you can't really take a nap while you are driving. Maybe the naps partially explains why the productivity in countries like japan is so high. If I ever own a business of my own, I will allow my employees to take an one hour nap everyday after lunch. It will not be required, but it will be encouraged.

I just ate a big lunch with a "icd cold" coke. I think there is some kind of meeting going on up stairs. I think I will go sit in the meeting, maybe in the back, and .....zzzzz

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dr. xu said...

you know what puts me right to sleep? warm soda... mmmmm

dude one time when i was in china i got 100 warm cokes for a dollar